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About Sweat!
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Sweat! Is a dance based exercise using similar techniques you would get in a dance class but focuses on body toning and building up self-esteem.


For our routines we use different dance styles like: female dancehall, twerk, commercial, reggaeton, latin etc. The routines are easy to learn yet physically challenging.

The focus is on feminine movements that will boost your self-esteem and awaken the goddess within.

It is a merge of a dance class and a fitness workout.

Not just follow-the-leader type of exercise but a step by step explained exercise. 

* Please note that these are adult classes (18+)


because of the movements being so seductive they are going to make your heart race

For more information about locations and times please go to 


because you can sweat that bit of extra off by doing challenging exercises


* WARMUP - dancers' warm-up from top to bottom

* STRETCHING - increasing flexibility and elasticity of muscles

* MUSCLE TONING - doing exercises for a firm belly, perky bum, toned arms etc.

* BOOTYWORK - isolation of bum and surrounding muscles, twerking, shaking, etc.

*WAISTLINE - isolations that engage waist and core muscles

*CHOREOGRAPHY - easy to learn choreographies that include movements from different styles of dancing like reggaeton, dancehall, commercial, twerk, latin and jazz

** TEAM UP - being put in couples or groups to encourage each other to complete the excercises easier - because we are stronger together

** VIDEOGRAPHY/TIKTOK - doing choreographies from videos with our own twist

** HEELS - workshops from time to time to level up and dance out what we have learnt during weekly classes in a seductive heels routine

* always used

* * alternate use

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