dance fitness

A spicy dance workout designed to sculpt your body and boost your sexy-steem. 


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* WARMUP - dancers' warm-up from top to bottom

* STRETCHING - increasing flexibility and elasticity of muscles

* MUSCLE TONING - doing exercises for a firm belly, perky bum, toned arms etc.

* BOOTYWORK - isolation of bum and surrounding muscles, twerking, shaking, etc.

*WAISTLINE - isolations that engage waist and core muscles

*CHOREOGRAPHY - easy to learn choreographies that include movements from different styles of dancing like reggaeton, dancehall, commercial, latin and jazz

** TEAM UP - being put in couples or groups to encourage each other to complete the excercises easier - because we are stronger together

** VIDEOGRAPHY - doing choreographies from videos with our own twist

** HEELS - to increase the level of excercise and sexy-steem we will sometimes use high heels to dance out the choreographies

* always used

* * alternate use


Photos taken @ CSVPA studios, Sturton Street, Cambridge, UK

Photos provided by Immortal Photography, Cambridge, UK

Outfit provided by Attitude Dancewear Ltd, Cambridge UK