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In short

We offer adult dance, dance fitness, and other dance related classes in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Classes are limited to LADIES ONLY because we wanted to create a safe space where ladies can feel comfortable to express their femininity and sensuality through dance.

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The story behind Sweat!

How it started

After moving to Cambridge Neza, the founder of Sweat! Dance & Fitness, noticed there was a lack of adult dance classes around the area. The most common classes were ballet and other academy related dances. Those were not really the styles that she prefers to dance. The closest to her style was street dance which was still not it. See Neza has always moved in a more feminine and sensual way. She found through her experience of dancing that feminine moves were not valued enough. However, that is just the way she expressed herself through dancing. And speaking to many women in her life she realized that many of them are afraid to express themselves in that way because of the judgment of others..

Since she had been traveling for awhile before coming to Cambridge she had to do a lot of practicing at home. And that's how she had developed a unique workout and dance fit method where you get to learn, practice dance moves and shape up at the same time.

The vision

All of that lead her to open her own classes. It started off as a dance fitness with the emphasis on sensual movements and later on developed into dance classes and more. She wanted to make sure that the women coming to her classes are feeling safe and comfortable to express themselves. That is why they are limited to women only. As well as sharing the joy of dancing and not making them performance focused but experience focused. But most of all she wanted them to connect, socialize and join a community of amazing women.

What we do

The styles we do are heels, dancehall, twerk, commercial, reggaeton, chair and more. We are running weekly dance and dance fitness classes as well as monthly workshops. They all have an emphasis on exploring your femininity and feeling empowerment. These are more than just classes where you learn how to dance but will have you feel uplifted and ready to take on the world by the time you are finished with the class.

What we stand for

Making the classes women only does not mean we think all men are predators or a threat. We just want a little bit of time and space for ourselves where we can exchange our thoughts, experiences and share our femininity with each other. Female empowerment is important to us, meaning not to discredit men in any way. But to empower women to freely express their thoughts, feelings, ambitions, experiences, without having to fear of being policed and regulated by others for everything they say or do.

As well as supporting and connecting to other local business to create a thriving community for all.

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